Personal Defense Spray+Panic Button: the Perfect Pack for Your Personal Safety

Personal Defense Spray + Panic Button: the Perfect Pack for Your Personal Safety.  The best security pack In the face of increasing public safety, Shoke Store has designed a perfect box consisting of personal defense spray and panic button, which will make you feel much safer. Discover it!

Personal Defense Spray+Panic Button

One of the main problems that you mention in our shop when you come looking for some defense accessory that allows you to improve your security, is that you do not have any knowledge in this area, and you do not have sufficient expertise in defense to be able to plant to the person who can try to attack you. Therefore, in Shoke Store we have devised a personal defense pack specially designed for this type of people since anyone can use it. Today we discover why you will feel more secure when you take it with you.

Personal Defense Spray+Panic Button

Personal defense spray and panic button: two security accessories perfect for you One of the first things you should know is that these two personal security tools are designed to protect you in outdoor locations mainly:

  1. Own defense spray Approved Fito: of the self-defense sprays, we have already talked to you in different articles in which we detailed their qualities. In summary, this self-defense spray that anyone over 18 can use, is thinking especially for this pack because it can help protect you at any time of panic. This is because Fito’s defense spray triggers a gas that expands in the air until it reaches the attacker so that no type of aiming is needed as is the case with gel defense spray. Thanks to this, if an attacker goes to you, you can activate it, and you will damage it between 15 and 20 minutes. Remember that this spray is recommended to be used outdoors. Once you have disabled the aggressor, it is time to flee and use the second part of the pack. As a tip, we recommend that you never trust homemade anti-sprays, as they are not only illegal, but they are not safe and could turn against you. Therefore, if you want to know more details about how the Fito personal defense spray is used to avoid legal and safety problems, you can find all the details here.
  2. Panic button: this button is characterized by its small size, which allows you to always carry it with you as a key ring, and because of the loud sound it emits once it is activated. The objective of the panic button is that a person who has been attacked can enable it and that the loud noise attracts the eyes of different people to be able to flee and be helped. In this way, the attacker will not only be incapacitated and will not be able to see you, but the people who may be around you will know that something is happening. As with the Fito personal defense spray, the panic button will not be handy if you are indoors, as much will alert your neighbors, but little else.

If you are afraid for your safety, this personal security pack will help you feel much more secure, because you will know how to defend yourself and flee. Remember that it is specially designed for people who do not have any knowledge in personal defense and that the only limit is that by law only people over 18 can use the spray.

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