Technical Feature of Enkeeo Longboard: For the moments of stroll and descent, you have the choice between several types of skateboards. Given this diversity, we suggest you look at the longboard. Several parameters are still to take into account to choose once you are interested in a longboard. As a result, taking an option will not be easy at all. To this effect, we have selected to make available for you our buying guide including the comparison of different models: Longboard Skate.

We offer you the Enkeeo Multicolour YW-03 longboard test after our numerous tests.

Enkeeo Multicolour YW-03 Longboard Test

Technical Feature of Enkeeo Longboard

Technical characteristics :

  • Length / Width: 101 x 22 cm
  • Use: Cruising
  • Materials: 9 plies of Canadian maple
  • Ball bearing: Abec 11
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • User weight: 110 Kg
  • Diameter/width of the wheels: 70 mm x 51 mm

About the Enkeeo brand:

The Enkeeo brand is one of the largest brands offering leisure and sports products. It also offers many articles in the fields of computers, cooking, high-tech products, etc. You can find in its different ranges anti-mosquito lamps, long views, as well as skateboards and longboard.


Here is a brief description of this device.

Enkeeo multicolored longboard is an accessory with a unique black colored surface, made of anti-slip material. On the back, however, you will notice a beautiful drawing of dark sky seen in the middle of a dark forest. But the patterns differ according to the longboard. The one we present is equipped with 4 wheels 70 mm in diameter. This accessory carries the ABEC-11 certification for bearings and is made of maple wood.


The multicolored Longboard of the brand Enkeeo is a type of skateboard used for the walks and the descent. In general, it is one of the most extended skates of different types of skateboarding. The diameter of its wheels is 70 mm. The manufacturer of this accessory qualifies its color as a blue star given its dark and very mysterious design. It reflects a blue sky in a forest.

The slide done by the wheels of a longboard is significant. The one in our guide is certified by the ABEC-11 standard of bearings that ensure wheel speed. Indeed, the acronym ABEC comes from the English definition “Annular Bearing Engineering Council” whose translation in French underlines “Council of Engineering of Annular Behavior”.

This multi-colored board is made of laminated maple flex nine wood. It is the best wood recommended for the manufacture of these accessories. Its face has a black non-slip color that allows you to perform very well. All this makes her a reliable and therefore durable accessory. It slides easily on bumpy roads, rails, etc.

The quality of the wheels is excellent. These are made of PU (polyurethane) and have dimensions 70 mm x 51 mm. They are strong enough and support a body mass no less critical. They are very tractable. This concedes you to easily control the direction of your longboard. These trolleys are made of 7-inch aluminum and consist of two rubber rings that cushion the shock for more stability and maneuverability.

Indulge yourself with this multicolored longboard and live beautiful experiences. Create with your loved one’s extraordinary figures by making beautiful descents.

In summary, the Enkeeo Multicolour YW-03 Longboard has an excellent design. It is made of maple wood and laminate flex 9. The wheels at his disposal make him a very stable accessory during its use. The ideal range for the diameter of the longboard wheels is between 68 mm and 72 mm. That of this longboard measures 70 mm. The board is coated with a non-slip layer for more grip when you position yourself. She also wears an interesting pattern on her back, the blue star in a forest.

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