Gas Lawn Mower | Analysis of the Best Gas Grain Cutters : Would you like to have a powerful gas lawn mower that cannot resist eve,n a corner of your garden? We do not doubt that with a gas mower you will become a magnificent gardener and you will be able to show off how beautiful your garden is. Do you want to know more about this type of tool?

The Best Gas Lawnmower

If you are looking for a good quality gas lawnmower and you see the multitude of offers that exist in the market,  we have selected the best lawn mowers according to their quality-price so you do not have to spend hours looking for information.

Types of Gas Lawnmower

In the market, there are many types and models of best gas push lawn mowers, but we can mainly differentiate it by its engines and its traction.

According to its engines:

  • 2-stroke explosion engines. The 2-stroke engines are much noisier and have a higher consumption of gas, in addition to using a mixture of oil and gas.
  • 4-stroke engines. They are more modern and evolved engines that make less noise, consume less and emit less gas into the atmosphere.

According to its traction

  • Self-propelled gas mower. They have a traction shaft that is attached to the engine by a belt that transmits the movement to the wheels so you do not have to make an effort to push the mower.
  • Gas mowers are NOT self-propelled. In these lawnmowers, the engine only turns the cutting blade, so the effort of pushing the lawnmower through the garden should be done by you.

Advantages of a lawn mower and gas grass

Gas grass mowers are chosen by many users as their priority option. See all the advantages they have!

  • More powerful than electric lawn mowers. They can reach 7cv of power, which will help you if the surface you need to cut is very large.
  • Greater autonomy. When using gas as fuel, the autonomy of a gas mower far exceeds that of any electric battery mower.
  • More comfortable. Having no cables can move much more freely throughout the field, and you can overcome obstacles with greater skill. You will forget the tangles!
  • Speed. The working capacity of a lawnmower is greater than that of electric lawn mowers. You can cover more land area in less time.

Some Disadvantages of Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers also have some disadvantages that you should know about.

  • Its weight is higher than in electric mowers since its motor and the parts that compose it are made of heavier materials.
  • The maintenance must be more thorough than an electric mower. By having an internal combustion engine, periodic oil, spark plug, and filter checks should be made. Also, if you want it to last, you should clean it after each pruning and grease its moving parts.
  • Contaminates. When using fossil fuels, they escape into the atmosphere and pollute the environment, in addition to expelling toxic and flammable gases, so you must be careful when handling and storing it.

Tips for buying a gas lawnmower and lawnmower What should you know?

In the market, there are many models with many functions and features that can make your head a mess. So you do not make mistakes when choosing the perfect gas mower for your garden, we give you a series of tips to make the right decision.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the surface of your garden. As a rule, if your garden exceeds 500 m², you should think about buying a self-propelled gas model. If on the other hand, it does not exceed 500 m² with an electric one, you will have more than enough.

Another fundamental aspect is its blades and the width of cut. The greater the width of the cut, the sooner you will finish cutting the lawn, and you can relax on your sofa.

Finally, you must ask yourself where you are going to store your lawnmower since when containing gas inside you should keep it in a safe and ventilated place.

Be careful!

The gases that expel gas are very toxic, and if you spend a long time in contact with these gases in an area without ventilation, you can suffer from poisoning.

Use and maintenance advice

For the maintenance of a gas lawn mower, you should know that they normally use 4-stroke engines, so their maintenance is very similar to that of a motorcycle or a small kart.

Basically, you should keep in mind the following aspects to correctly carry out the maintenance of your gas lawnmower:

  • The regular change of oil every 25 hours of use or once a year or more.
  • Clean the air filter when you notice that it is dirty.
  • Sharpen the blades when you see notches and notice the blunt or damaged edge.
  • In periods of hibernation where you are not going to give much use to the mower, we recommend that you empty the fuel tank before storing it.
  • If you notice that it does not start at the first or the operation at idle is not normal, it may be due to the condition of the spark plug. Check it and change it if necessary, it’s a cheap piece that can make your lawnmower work much better.
  • Thoroughly clean the mower after each use to extend its life as much as possible and avoid problems of rust or deterioration.

If you follow these easy tips, you will lengthen the life of your mower and you can use and enjoy it for many years.

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best Mountain Headphones: If you are a fan of the mountain, but you love listening to your favorite music groups you are in luck, we have compiled the best headphones on the market. It is not easy to have to decide between your hobbies, so if you can do them at once just, do them!

Best Mountain Headphones

Best Mountain Headphones

Best Mountain Headphones

To solve some doubts between the different types of headphones that exist, we recommend that you continue reading and clarify your ideas. The mountain is an environment that according to what sport we should respect and not underestimate. The latter you have to take into account and choose the headphones thinking about the activity you are going to do.

How to choose the best headphones for the mountain

Sports headphones are a perfect choice because they are designed against sweat and sudden movements without losing sound quality. There is research that has shown that music with the right melody can keep you longer in what you are doing. Therefore, whether to perform mountain sports or to run between trails, the right music will increase your concentration.

  • All you need is your mobile phone, your mountain equipment and prepare for the adventure with maximum musical motivation.
  • The key is in a perfect and comfortable setting, with sound performance good enough to keep you happy and motivated when you are about to push your limits.
  • After years of using headphones during races, visits to the gym and outdoor activities of all kinds, there is one essential characteristic: they can not consistently be falling apart. Standard non-sports headphones can work correctly if they are placed well in the ears and you do not drop them.
  • Presumably, some people sweat more than others, live in places where it rains in a torrential way at all times or is something particular when using a headset or other.

In this case, before buying any pair of headphones, you should take into account the different options available in the market and keep the headphones that best suit your needs. In addition, another critical feature that headphones should have when playing sports such as climbing is Bluetooth. Models like the Bose SoundSport wireless are perfect for this type of sports. On the one hand, they avoid getting entangled with the climbing ropes or harness, as they do not carry a cable and, on the other, they are very resistant to weather conditions.

Factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth headset

The traditional headphones of a lifetime offer a perfect audio connection without problems of battery life, but Bluetooth gives more freedom and eliminate the risk of pulling the cable by a sudden movement while you make climbing. Although you must carry a charger in case you run out of battery. If you are one of those who carries the phone in your pocket, it is strongly recommended that you use Bluetooth headphones to avoid snags with the cable. If, on the other hand, you have your mobile phone at arm’s length, you can choose wired headphones, although they are not suitable for mountain sports where you need a lot of mobility, you will almost certainly end up getting annoyed when you roll up or hook up with some part of your equipment.

Nowadays technology has improved a lot, and we can enjoy headphones via Bluetooth without any interference or cuts. These headphones stand out for an incredible sound quality that increases depending on your brand and price. You may see a disadvantage to have to be aware of if they have a battery, but if you think it is more annoying: have to charge your headphones or break the cable of your headphones without realizing it by a pull or tangle? I have the answer very clear, and I imagine that you too, you better have a battery to charge your headphones by a careless to pull them.

They are also suitable, to a greater or lesser extent, for cycling, CrossFit, any outdoor sport, and anything else you can do while listening to music.

The most advanced headphones for mountain sports

The technology and research in the world of headphones have focused on increasingly sophisticated devices to meet different needs. The latest in bone conduction headphones that leave the auditory canal free do not plug it like the ones we knew up to now in all its variants.

The significant advantage of not blocking the ear canal is that in addition to enjoying your favorite music, you can hear approaching cars and buses. In the case of mountain sports, you can listen to the whole environment around you, whether they are animals or your companions if you practice climbing, which is very useful in this type of outdoor sports.

They can do this thanks to the bone conduction technology, which transmits the sound through the bones to the inner ear. This means that you will not damage your ears because of excess volume since you do not block the ear canal at any time.

There are different types of headphones in the market of these characteristics and not all meet expectations. There is no doubt that they are not the typical cheap headphones of the Chinese, but their price is fully justified by the sound quality. It must be added that in addition to its class perfectly fulfill its purpose that allows you to listen to the sounds that surround you.

The design is something to take into account, since in addition to adapting perfectly to the contour of your ears, thanks to its light weight and comfort, you will forget that you wear them.

It is true that part of the quality of the sound is lost as a result of not covering the ear, and therefore, the music is not penetrating. Like other open-ear headphones, everyone can hear what you’re listening to.

The bone conduction headphones are connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth in a simple way and are waterproof, sweat-proof and dustproof.

Best Police and Military Tactical Flashlights: The flashlight is one of the original accessories in the military and police environment for the number of situations in which you have to make use of it. For this reason knowing how to choose a good tactical flashlight, with excellent characteristics, is fundamental.

Military Tactical Flashlights

Best Police and Military Tactical Flashlights

In this purchasing guide, I will talk about the characteristics that I consider most important when choosing a good flashlight for police or military use, as well as the best brands of tactical flashlights that I have found in the market, which comply with the I think I should have a good flashlight.

Do not worry because this article will not be boring or full of letters at all. I’m just going to give you the most essential information that you have to keep in mind to choose the one that best suits what you need and your budget.

What should you keep in mind when buying tactical police or military flashlight?

Today you can find a wide variety of police and military tactical flashlights but, in my opinion, the market is oversized, and the wide variety of products makes the operator, at times, not know which to choose or which would be the best would come for the performance of his work.

For this reason, I am going to give you a series of main characteristics that I always keep in mind when buying tactical police or military flashlight. Remember that although today the tactical flashlights have evolved a lot, not all services for all occasions, so you will have to take into account the environment where you usually do your job to choose correctly.

In urban environments, I recommend flashlights with LED expansion light, that is, with a light bean that opens the beam of light to increase the vision of everything that is around us.

In open areas, I recommend flashlights, either xenon or LED, with light away, that is, the lighting bean must be directional to be able to have a greater vision of remote areas.

That said, my recommendations when buying a best tactical flashlight for police or military use are:

Type of light

I recommend that the sun is preferably led since they last much longer and do not heat up when making extended methods.

Bean of light

I consider that at least it should be 800 lumens to give the flashlight a certain versatility.

Size and design

The size is necessary at the time of transport, so I recommend you to be compact, if possible with a rigid transport case to be able to extract and store it quickly and easily.

Its design must be ergonomic so that it fits as best as possible to the hand, taking into account that it is a flashlight and its rigidity can make it difficult to grip in specific uses. I particularly like that it has a central ring and a quick-touch back button (Tactical Switch) since my system of working with the flashlight makes this accessory in conjunction with the short weapon fundamental.

Charge mode

I recommend that it be preferably rechargeable, and as tight as possible so that it does not have permeabilization zones. Although you will see that the manufacturers certify many of the flashlights with IPX8 water resistance, very few comply with the charging system that has the flashlights. I can guarantee that everything that is recharged by micro USB port, either 2.0 or 3.0, does not comply with the certification that I have previously named. That’s why I recommend that you load, either magnetic or taking out the batteries to do it through a charger.


This is a significant handicap that is currently fighting all companies that are engaged in manufacturing tactical flashlights, since the maximum power of the flashlight, the independence usually decreases a lot, at best you can offer up to 2 hours.

Light Modes

In my case, I prefer a simple flashlight that provides me with the necessary light, mode of mapping light, medium light mode and maximum intensity light mode. If you want you can add a Strobo mode as a compliment. Therefore I would tell you at least 4 light modes.

Consistency and resistance

Another fundamental aspect is that the flashlight is robust and resistant to blows so that it is so versatile that you can use it in any situation without fear of dropping it or getting hit and spoiling yourself.

Best brands of tactical police and military flashlights

As I said before, there is a wide range of brands of lanterns to choose from, but I am going to name you the ones that I think you should take into account when buying a flashlight. Remember that sometimes the cheap is expensive, so I recommend that you invest a little more money in a best flashlight than buying a cheap one that breaks down two years later and you have to buy another, and so on, giving as result in the long run, that you have spent more money than if you had bought a best flashlight from the beginning.

Do not fall for what some of the advances say. A flashlight is what it is, and the advances we have made since they exist have been destined to give more power in less space, so if you buy a best flashlight, you will have light for many years.

The brands that I recommend are:


Fenix is a Chinese company that offers lanterns with excellent finishes and has specific models that meet what I consider to be a tactical flashlight. These models are the PD35 Tactical Edition model and the TK16 model.


Olight is another Chinese company that offers outstanding features and benefits in its flashlights for police and military use. What I like most about this brand, is the magnetic recharging system they have, since they give a maximum level of tightness to the product. I recommend the M2R Warrior models and the M1X Striker.


Surefire is an American company with many years of experience in the field of tactical lanterns, although I must say that, in my humble opinion, they have evolved little in terms of recharging systems. Its reliability is more than proven, but its prices suggest looking for other options for products with similar characteristics. In this sense, I recommend the G2ZX-C and G2X Tactical models.


Nitecore is another Chinese company that has been working hard in the field of tactical lanterns for a few years. I have two models of this brand and, sometimes, they give problems of operation. Its recharging system is usually through a micro SD port, which makes it doubtful when measuring the IPX8 water resistance certification. I recommend the P26 and NCMH27 models.


Klarus is another Chinese company that has been manufacturing flashlights of all kinds since 2011 and is consolidating in the market as a reference to take into account the materials and finishes of its flashlights, especially in the tactical field. They have models that use magnetic recharge, like Olight so, in my opinion, is an important fact to take into account when buying one. The models that I recommend for this brand are the XT11GT and the XT12GT.


Torq is an American brand that has opted for multipurpose tactical flashlights with the intention of manufacturing a product that is compatible with almost all environments that you can face in professional or leisure work. The lantern has very solid finishes, and its features and functions are designed to the millimeter, so you do not have problems when using it. Remember that the power of light is not everything in the world of flashlights and proof of this is this product.

Top 5 best police and military tactical flashlights

To talk about the best tactical flashlights, we should know that there are several different types and models to choose from. You can find both tactical flashlights for batteries, tactical flashlights rechargeable by micro USB port or magnetic charging (I recommend the latter for the ease that they pose and the tightness they provide).

Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition Flashlight

The flashlight of 1000 lumens, robust and resistant to impacts, with eight modes of light and resistance to water but is not submersible.

Olight Lantern M2R Warrior

One thousand five hundred lumens flashlight, robust and impact resistant, with magnetic recharge and IPX8 water resistance certification. It has a range of 208 useful meters.

Klarus XT12GT flashlight

Flashlight with 1600 lumens of power with an effective range of 603 meters, with a robust anti-shock body and six light modes. It has magnetic recharge and IPX8 water resistance certification.

Nitecore P26 Flashlight

Robust flashlight and built-in military-grade aluminum alloy with 1000 lumens of power and 310 meters effective range. It has a rechargeable battery and IPX8 water resistance certification.

 TORQ torch

The multipurpose flashlight of 150 lumens, with the tight and resistant body, three levels of intensity and LED secondary colors red, green, blue and safety beacon.


As you may have seen, the range of possibilities is extensive, and you can find a wide variety of tactical police and military flashlights to choose from. If you allow me my personal opinion, of all those that I have exposed you in this guide, I will opt for the Olight M2R Warrior or the Klarus XT12GT, since I think they have the best benefits. I hope that, with the data I have given you, you have found all the information you were looking for. Thank you very much for reading.

Tactical Equipment: Whether you work outdoors, perform missions outdoors or are a person fond of all kinds of adventures, there is some outdoor tactical equipment that you can not forget. Take note of these essential tactical products, equipment, and equipment!

Tactical Equipment

Far from the classic office work, there are many members of the State Security Forces and Bodies that must carry out missions abroad during their working day or work in rescue teams, in which outdoor outings are constant. However, there are also many people who enjoy the outdoors and know the importance of having a piece of excellent tactical equipment for outdoor, before any unforeseen. Today at Shoke Store we bring you a handy and practical guide so you can be sure of what tactical outdoor gear you can not do without.

Do you know what tactical outdoor equipment you need?

  1. Tactical backpack: essential! Sometimes it is defined as a military backpack. An excellent tactical pack should not be missing in your tactical equipment for outdoor, because thanks to it you can transport the rest of your military apparatus, adventure or even police material. Before taking your choice, you can check our post on how to choose the tactical backpack you need, but there is something that you should always be clear about: how much tactical equipment you need to transport. Size is necessary when making a decision, and it is still better than not missing because you can carry delicate tactical material that suffers from pressure. Therefore, if you are looking for something comfortable and not very big, you can opt for the Mil-Tec Assault Backpack 20 Liters Od Green, but if you prefer a sizeable tactical backpack, choose the Mochila 5.11 RUSH, 72 models.
  2. Tactical flashlight: whether you work or do activities during the day, or if you do it at night, it is essential that you always carry a good tactical flashlight with you. Many catalogs the tactical flashlight as a police flashlight, or military flashlight. If your hobby is hunting, it can be a hunting flashlight. You should bear in mind that any activity can be extended and that it gets dark, especially during the winter season. Also, in the open air, there are areas of difficult access before which a little extra light never comes badly. In this case, we recommend the EXPLORER 250 Flashlight for its small size and high power. However, if you are looking for something for the night time, opt for the NIGHTSEARCHER PANTHER HID Focus.
  3. Knife or tactical knives: a piece of tactical equipment for outdoor needs a multipurpose blade or an excellent tactical knife. At any time you may be forced to cut any object and thanks to this useful tool, you can do it. For example, it is essential for members and security bodies of the State to work on rescue missions and not know the way in which missing persons will be found. In Shoke Shop we recommend the practicality of the Black Leatherman WAVE with nylon sheath, and if you prefer a good tactical knife, the BLACK BEAR Knife 18cm blade with cover can be handy.
  4. Tactical gloves: depending on the activity is to be performed, we recommend anticorte Level 5 Gloves to protect your hands SHOKE any risk of cutting. As we always tell you, your hands are your primary tool, so it is imperative that you take care of them in detail. That is why any outdoor tactical equipment that boasts must have good tactical gloves that avoid any bruise when maneuvering. When choosing, keep in mind that it is essential that these gloves do not take away much sensitivity of the hands that makes you lose precision. For this, the Shoop neoprene gloves anti-cut level 5 and protection knuckles and reinforcements kevlar, is an excellent option, like Gloves mod. PATROL CRG2 anticorte level 5.
  5. Tactical boots: and last but not least, you must have good tactical boots inside your tactical equipment for outdoor! Military boots or good police boots are essential. The terrain that is stepped outdoors is often unpredictable, so you have to be prepared for everything: from irregular terrain to flooded areas. In these cases, you must have good tactical boots such as Magnum Boots LYNX 8.0 WP that keep your foot safe, comfortable and dry. Another of your best options are Boots 5.11 Atac.

Any outdoor activity, whether work or leisure, can be dangerous if you do not have the necessary outdoor tactical equipment. Your security is not a game, and it is essential that these five tactical products do not miss any of your activities.

Personal Defense Spray + Panic Button: the Perfect Pack for Your Personal Safety.  The best security pack In the face of increasing public safety, Shoke Store has designed a perfect box consisting of personal defense spray and panic button, which will make you feel much safer. Discover it!

Personal Defense Spray+Panic Button

One of the main problems that you mention in our shop when you come looking for some defense accessory that allows you to improve your security, is that you do not have any knowledge in this area, and you do not have sufficient expertise in defense to be able to plant to the person who can try to attack you. Therefore, in Shoke Store we have devised a personal defense pack specially designed for this type of people since anyone can use it. Today we discover why you will feel more secure when you take it with you.

Personal Defense Spray+Panic Button

Personal defense spray and panic button: two security accessories perfect for you One of the first things you should know is that these two personal security tools are designed to protect you in outdoor locations mainly:

  1. Own defense spray Approved Fito: of the self-defense sprays, we have already talked to you in different articles in which we detailed their qualities. In summary, this self-defense spray that anyone over 18 can use, is thinking especially for this pack because it can help protect you at any time of panic. This is because Fito’s defense spray triggers a gas that expands in the air until it reaches the attacker so that no type of aiming is needed as is the case with gel defense spray. Thanks to this, if an attacker goes to you, you can activate it, and you will damage it between 15 and 20 minutes. Remember that this spray is recommended to be used outdoors. Once you have disabled the aggressor, it is time to flee and use the second part of the pack. As a tip, we recommend that you never trust homemade anti-sprays, as they are not only illegal, but they are not safe and could turn against you. Therefore, if you want to know more details about how the Fito personal defense spray is used to avoid legal and safety problems, you can find all the details here.
  2. Panic button: this button is characterized by its small size, which allows you to always carry it with you as a key ring, and because of the loud sound it emits once it is activated. The objective of the panic button is that a person who has been attacked can enable it and that the loud noise attracts the eyes of different people to be able to flee and be helped. In this way, the attacker will not only be incapacitated and will not be able to see you, but the people who may be around you will know that something is happening. As with the Fito personal defense spray, the panic button will not be handy if you are indoors, as much will alert your neighbors, but little else.

If you are afraid for your safety, this personal security pack will help you feel much more secure, because you will know how to defend yourself and flee. Remember that it is specially designed for people who do not have any knowledge in personal defense and that the only limit is that by law only people over 18 can use the spray.

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Best Waveboards: Better known as two-wheeled skateboarding, wave boarding allows for impressive figures that are impossible with a classic skateboard. It is imperative to find the best wave board to ride safely. Sometimes equipment does not fit the size of the user. An adult board may not be suitable for a child and vice versa.

If the platform is not stable enough, the rider may fall while performing certain movements. It is the same for the too fragile wheels which can generate serious accidents.

Best Waveboards

Best Waveboards

Best Waveboards

Once positioned on the board, the feet may slip if the platform has no grips or anti-slip surface. The rider may fall if the torsion bar is not strong enough.

Relying on a brand alone is not enough to make the best choice. Good quality has some specific characteristics.

What is the best wave board?

Inspired by snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, wave boarding, like the hoverboard, is a sliding sport that, unlike skateboarding, allows you to slide without having to put your feet on the ground. Only a high-end board guarantees freedom of movement.

The size of the board must fit perfectly to the size of the user. It must be neither too big nor too small. The platform must be perfectly stable and has anti-slip bases or areas of grip so that one can move with ease. The design must be attractive, and the color must be to the taste of the person using the caster board.

Fans of this sport know how important bearing strength is. Do you want to find a model that suits you while respecting the quality-price ratio? A comparison between the following articles will help you to orient your choice.

Here we present you  the best Waveboards :

  1. Waveboard Spokey street surfing

This wave board is made of two primary materials: ABS plastic and steel. Both elements are known for their durability, but also their lightness. Also, its wheels offer optimal glide and perfect grip on smooth terrain.

This wave board also offers two board surfaces with non-slip surfaces and stability testified by several testers. At the level of the load capacity, it can only support a maximum weight of 100 kg.

This equipment was suitable for both neophytes and scholars. Indeed, its dimensions are standard, and its design is suitable for all morphologies.

The product is favored by excellent value for money. It is indeed very advantageous to invest in this model of wave board which was conceived in raw materials of high quality and yet sold at a price rather accessible to all! In addition, its bearings are quite silent.

  1. Speer on children’s wave board with protective case

This children’s wave board has a non-slip surface of 80 cm x 21.5 cm. Its two casters are equipped with ball bearings, each has a diameter of 76 mm and have a hardness 82A-85A. Also, these casters are polyurethane and rotate 360 degrees.

The wave board weighs 2.35 kg and can support a maximum weight of 65 kg. On delivery, it comes with its carrying bag and mounting kit. Also, the board allows you to perform stable zigzags for maximum balance.

The manufacturer recommends this wave board for children aged 8 and over and weighing up to 65 kg.

The board benefits from a very balanced design that gives it a safe and reassuring side to both regulars and beginners. It is also favored by its protective bag which protects it from any scratches.

  1. Ripstik Air Razor Skateboard

Do not need a battery; the RipStik Air gives you the opportunity to introduce you to Streetsurfing which is a new trend in the world of sliding sports. You will be entitled to three colors to choose from, including blue, silver and red.

You will have the sensation of surfing the waves rolling on the asphalt. The model is designed with traction surfaces with crampons and a concave plank.

  1. Mixed Waveboard Child Street Surfing

Designed for children, this equipment with silicone grip tape has a solid design, but its lightness allows it to move freely without risk of falling.

Even though it is designed for small, the board has a platform broad enough to accommodate both feet. The maximum weight supported is 100 kg for 130 cm, and the required age is between 6 to 9 years.

  1. Waveboard FunTomia max load 120 kg

The article is available in 16 different colors. Bearings are of the ABEC-11 type. No risk of falling with the pellet board is composed of non-recycled high-end plastic.

The maximum load supported by the machine is 120 kg. Its ball bearings allow it to hold correctly in balance, without forgetting the 5 mm thick aluminum caster.

  1. Waveboard with waterproof bag AMDirect

With rotating wheels that can turn 360 degrees, this small marvel of the brand AMDirect has ABEC 7 bearings both smooth and flexible with a dimension of 75 mm. You can carry the vehicle anywhere you want in the waterproof bag provided.

The falls are avoided to the maximum with the nonslip board. The plates rotate easily thanks to the rotating steel torsion bar.

  1. Skateboard Wheel Shimmering Zenoplige

The rolling of this little marvel was made by ABEC 9. The development was carried out carefully and without defects. Noise is almost invisible even when the machine is running at high speed.

Nothing to say regarding the abrasion resistance, because the design is just perfect. The ABS platform has excellent durability. The platform is 2 cm wide and 22 cm wide.

Slide on two wheels with the wave board

Also known as the caster board, this sport of recent glide is distinguished by its originality.

Not only the machine has only two wheels, but also, it is moved during the movement. This sport allows us to realize entirely different figures than with simple skateboarding. For beginners in board sports, the wave board is the best choice.

All people of all sizes can indulge in this kind of sport. Like all types of sports, it is recommended to wear appropriate equipment such as helmet or protections.

A torsion bar and a stable platform

Whether for a classic or electric model, size is a vital element to consider when choosing a wave board. There are different types of board for children and adults.

Opt for concave bridges, because they are much more comfortable and ensure optimal movement. Make sure the nose and tail roll up lightly so you can do freestyles. The board should be provided with grips and anti-slip base to ensure balance.

When it comes to color, all tastes are in nature, and it’s up to you. Do not forget to check the strength of the torsion bar so that the board can perform its twist movements.

Solid bearings and wheels

Also, pay attention to bearings and wheels to ensure comfort and speed. For the caster board, the wheels turn 360 °. This kind of movement gives you the opportunity to have total control by keeping yourself on the board.

The wheels must be durable. The sweetest is the most comfortable, and the hardest is the fastest.

The difference between a Ripstick and Waveboard

These are both common brands of wave board. This kind of board is like skateboarding. It is designed to ride on the sidewalk but is more similar to snowboards with momentum maintenance.

Criteria to consider when choosing the best wave board

Remember to find a reliable and easy to use the board. Before choosing any board, it is essential to consider some criteria such as:

The caster deck and the torsion bar: check the safety design and aesthetics. Choose planks that benefit from an aluminum caster and a set of handles. It is also essential to analyze the manufacture of the torsion bar. The best are made of quality aluminum.

Size and weight: Most skateboards are about 31 to 34 inches long. The standard pressure is 7 lbs.

The casual or Pro model: look for a model that suits your ability. If you are still a beginner, it is not yet time to opt for a professional board.

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What is the best mountain climbing insurer? It is true that many climbing insurers have been tested to test the effectiveness and quality of each of them, in different environments such as rock, ice, and snow, from the granite walls of Yosemite Valley to the colored walls in climbing gyms.

The quality of the climbing insurers is closely related to their design and is tested by seeing their ability to avoid falls, help colleagues with more difficulties and down rappel style. Even the self-blocking resistance is measured while climbing in the mountains. We can assure after the multiple studies that have been made that they all work well for most rock or gym situations. The main differences between climbing insurers are related to the different rope diameters.

Climbing Insurers

Climbing Insurer: Which one to choose

The climbing belayer acts as a brake on the climbing rope by applying friction on it. The device, in addition to rapid braking by helping the ventral ring (which locks the free end of the rope), helps maintain tension in the rope and helps protect the climber at the other end. It is an essential device for climbing safely.

There are three main types of climbing insurance to choose from:

  • Tubular
  • Braking assisted
  • Figure 8

The one you choose depends on the type of climbing you do.

Tubular climbing insurer

The tubular climbing insurers are best for multitrack climbing, professional climbing, sports climbing, and gym climbing.

These are very common and suitable for any type of climbing. The rope is folded and slid through slots and secured with a locking carabiner to the central ring of the climbing harness. The friction caused by the contact of the rope in the insurer slows and stops the rope, helping to protect the climber. Some tubular devices have crests or “teeth” to create even more friction.

For abseiling, the dual slots found in almost all tubular devices allow two ropes for the standard abseiling technique.

Some tubular devices can be configured as an assisted braking device to secure one or two climbers in a multi-track climb.

Advantages of the tubular fastener

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Work with many rope diameters and can include single or double ropes
  • Ropes do not twist or bend
  • Can be used for abseiling with two ropes

Disadvantages of the tubular fastening insurer

  • Some people, exceptionally light-weight climbers, notice the slow tubular clamping climbing belayer for abseiling

A climbing insurer with braking lock

The climbing insurer with braking block is best for sports climbing, gym climbing and multitrack climbing. Assisted braking devices (also sometimes called automatic braking, self-locking or electronic locking devices) are designed to block the rope when a sudden force is applied to help the ventral ring catch and hold the fall.

There are a couple of various types of assisted braking devices:

  • Some provide assisted braking if you are securing a climber who follows you, a climber over the rope or a climber in a multitrack climb.
  • Others offer an assisted braking mode only to ensure one or two followers.

Among the climbing insurers that provide assisted braking when securing the leader, top or bottom climber, it is normal to use an internal cam mechanism to block the rope when a climber falls. These machines tend to be heavier than other designs and usually only work with a single rope, which means that you can not rappel traditionally on two ropes as is done with the tubular climbing insurer. For this reason, these machines are mainly used for sports climbing, whether in the gym or outdoors. We recommend the  Petzl Gigri2, a climbing insurer with maximum quality braking block.

Others have a passive design that pinches the rope between the device and the carabiner to assist. These are lighter than those with a cam mechanism, versatile enough for any type of climbing and capable of being used for abseiling with two ropes.

Devices that offer an assisted braking mode to secure one or two climbers are essentially tubular fasteners with an additional metal ring on the side. This metal ring allows you to connect the device directly to an anchor and configure it in an assisted braking mode.

These devices share all the benefits and problems of the tubular devices, at the same time they are capable of securing one or two climbers in an assisted braking mode. And, just because you can not use the supported braking way to ensure the lead climber does not mean you can not secure it. You merely have to use the device as if it were a primary tubular climbing insurer to do this.

As with any device, the assisted braking climbing insurer requires that you always use the proper technique and have the brake hand ready to block the rope. Be sure to read the knowledge provided by the manufacturer and fully understand how to use the device before securing or abseiling with it.

Advantages of the assisted braking insurer

  • Help the ventral ring to stop the fall of the climber.
  • Slide the rope gently.
  • The supported braking devices with cam mechanisms facilitate the lowering of the climber in a controlled manner.

Disadvantages of the assisted braking insurer

  • It does not work with all rope diameters, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The supported braking devices with cam mechanisms are more substantial than other types of the climbing belayer.
  • Some only allow abseiling with a single rope.
  • Devices with cam mechanisms are not recommended for use with wet or icy cords
  • Tubular devices with an assisted braking mode are locked under load when handled in this mode, which makes them difficult to use as descent devices.

Climbing insurer figure 8

The climbing insurer figure 8 is better for search and rescue, caving and abseiling. The devices of Figure 8 are used primarily for abseiling. However, they can be used to secure a leader or a top climber. They have the shape of eight, hence the name, with one hole more extensive than the other. When abseiling is done, the rope is passed through the large hole, it is turned around the neck, and it is put back through the big hole, so it rests on the central part of figure 8, where the force. The small hole is attached to the central ring by a carabiner. The climbing insurer in Figure 8 is also used in mountain sports for canyoning and climbing.

To be sure, different devices recommend different ways to put the cord through the machine. It is imperative to read the instructions included with the figure 8 insurers to learn the correct way to use it.

Advantages of the climbing insurer in figure 8

  • Efficient and smooth for abseiling
  • Dispels heat from friction efficiently
  • Can be used with almost any diameter of the rope

Disadvantages of the climbing insurer in figure 8

  • It requires more attention and more force in the hand of braking than another insurer of climbing.
  • They make a twist on the climbing rope, which can make rope management difficult

Your safety is your responsibility. No article or video can replace the appropriate instructions and experience to develop the activity. Make sure you practice the proper procedures and take into account all safety regulations before uploading.

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