Best Police & Military Tactical Flashlights – Purchase Guide

Best Police and Military Tactical Flashlights: The flashlight is one of the original accessories in the military and police environment for the number of situations in which you have to make use of it. For this reason knowing how to choose a good tactical flashlight, with excellent characteristics, is fundamental.

Military Tactical Flashlights

Best Police and Military Tactical Flashlights

In this purchasing guide, I will talk about the characteristics that I consider most important when choosing a good flashlight for police or military use, as well as the best brands of tactical flashlights that I have found in the market, which comply with the I think I should have a good flashlight.

Do not worry because this article will not be boring or full of letters at all. I’m just going to give you the most essential information that you have to keep in mind to choose the one that best suits what you need and your budget.

What should you keep in mind when buying tactical police or military flashlight?

Today you can find a wide variety of police and military tactical flashlights but, in my opinion, the market is oversized, and the wide variety of products makes the operator, at times, not know which to choose or which would be the best would come for the performance of his work.

For this reason, I am going to give you a series of main characteristics that I always keep in mind when buying tactical police or military flashlight. Remember that although today the tactical flashlights have evolved a lot, not all services for all occasions, so you will have to take into account the environment where you usually do your job to choose correctly.

In urban environments, I recommend flashlights with LED expansion light, that is, with a light bean that opens the beam of light to increase the vision of everything that is around us.

In open areas, I recommend flashlights, either xenon or LED, with light away, that is, the lighting bean must be directional to be able to have a greater vision of remote areas.

That said, my recommendations when buying a best tactical flashlight for police or military use are:

Type of light

I recommend that the sun is preferably led since they last much longer and do not heat up when making extended methods.

Bean of light

I consider that at least it should be 800 lumens to give the flashlight a certain versatility.

Size and design

The size is necessary at the time of transport, so I recommend you to be compact, if possible with a rigid transport case to be able to extract and store it quickly and easily.

Its design must be ergonomic so that it fits as best as possible to the hand, taking into account that it is a flashlight and its rigidity can make it difficult to grip in specific uses. I particularly like that it has a central ring and a quick-touch back button (Tactical Switch) since my system of working with the flashlight makes this accessory in conjunction with the short weapon fundamental.

Charge mode

I recommend that it be preferably rechargeable, and as tight as possible so that it does not have permeabilization zones. Although you will see that the manufacturers certify many of the flashlights with IPX8 water resistance, very few comply with the charging system that has the flashlights. I can guarantee that everything that is recharged by micro USB port, either 2.0 or 3.0, does not comply with the certification that I have previously named. That’s why I recommend that you load, either magnetic or taking out the batteries to do it through a charger.


This is a significant handicap that is currently fighting all companies that are engaged in manufacturing tactical flashlights, since the maximum power of the flashlight, the independence usually decreases a lot, at best you can offer up to 2 hours.

Light Modes

In my case, I prefer a simple flashlight that provides me with the necessary light, mode of mapping light, medium light mode and maximum intensity light mode. If you want you can add a Strobo mode as a compliment. Therefore I would tell you at least 4 light modes.

Consistency and resistance

Another fundamental aspect is that the flashlight is robust and resistant to blows so that it is so versatile that you can use it in any situation without fear of dropping it or getting hit and spoiling yourself.

Best brands of tactical police and military flashlights

As I said before, there is a wide range of brands of lanterns to choose from, but I am going to name you the ones that I think you should take into account when buying a flashlight. Remember that sometimes the cheap is expensive, so I recommend that you invest a little more money in a best flashlight than buying a cheap one that breaks down two years later and you have to buy another, and so on, giving as result in the long run, that you have spent more money than if you had bought a best flashlight from the beginning.

Do not fall for what some of the advances say. A flashlight is what it is, and the advances we have made since they exist have been destined to give more power in less space, so if you buy a best flashlight, you will have light for many years.

The brands that I recommend are:


Fenix is a Chinese company that offers lanterns with excellent finishes and has specific models that meet what I consider to be a tactical flashlight. These models are the PD35 Tactical Edition model and the TK16 model.


Olight is another Chinese company that offers outstanding features and benefits in its flashlights for police and military use. What I like most about this brand, is the magnetic recharging system they have, since they give a maximum level of tightness to the product. I recommend the M2R Warrior models and the M1X Striker.


Surefire is an American company with many years of experience in the field of tactical lanterns, although I must say that, in my humble opinion, they have evolved little in terms of recharging systems. Its reliability is more than proven, but its prices suggest looking for other options for products with similar characteristics. In this sense, I recommend the G2ZX-C and G2X Tactical models.


Nitecore is another Chinese company that has been working hard in the field of tactical lanterns for a few years. I have two models of this brand and, sometimes, they give problems of operation. Its recharging system is usually through a micro SD port, which makes it doubtful when measuring the IPX8 water resistance certification. I recommend the P26 and NCMH27 models.


Klarus is another Chinese company that has been manufacturing flashlights of all kinds since 2011 and is consolidating in the market as a reference to take into account the materials and finishes of its flashlights, especially in the tactical field. They have models that use magnetic recharge, like Olight so, in my opinion, is an important fact to take into account when buying one. The models that I recommend for this brand are the XT11GT and the XT12GT.


Torq is an American brand that has opted for multipurpose tactical flashlights with the intention of manufacturing a product that is compatible with almost all environments that you can face in professional or leisure work. The lantern has very solid finishes, and its features and functions are designed to the millimeter, so you do not have problems when using it. Remember that the power of light is not everything in the world of flashlights and proof of this is this product.

Top 5 best police and military tactical flashlights

To talk about the best tactical flashlights, we should know that there are several different types and models to choose from. You can find both tactical flashlights for batteries, tactical flashlights rechargeable by micro USB port or magnetic charging (I recommend the latter for the ease that they pose and the tightness they provide).

Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition Flashlight

The flashlight of 1000 lumens, robust and resistant to impacts, with eight modes of light and resistance to water but is not submersible.

Olight Lantern M2R Warrior

One thousand five hundred lumens flashlight, robust and impact resistant, with magnetic recharge and IPX8 water resistance certification. It has a range of 208 useful meters.

Klarus XT12GT flashlight

Flashlight with 1600 lumens of power with an effective range of 603 meters, with a robust anti-shock body and six light modes. It has magnetic recharge and IPX8 water resistance certification.

Nitecore P26 Flashlight

Robust flashlight and built-in military-grade aluminum alloy with 1000 lumens of power and 310 meters effective range. It has a rechargeable battery and IPX8 water resistance certification.

 TORQ torch

The multipurpose flashlight of 150 lumens, with the tight and resistant body, three levels of intensity and LED secondary colors red, green, blue and safety beacon.


As you may have seen, the range of possibilities is extensive, and you can find a wide variety of tactical police and military flashlights to choose from. If you allow me my personal opinion, of all those that I have exposed you in this guide, I will opt for the Olight M2R Warrior or the Klarus XT12GT, since I think they have the best benefits. I hope that, with the data I have given you, you have found all the information you were looking for. Thank you very much for reading.