The best Mountain Headphones for Song Lovers

best Mountain Headphones: If you are a fan of the mountain, but you love listening to your favorite music groups you are in luck, we have compiled the best headphones on the market. It is not easy to have to decide between your hobbies, so if you can do them at once just, do them!

Best Mountain Headphones

Best Mountain Headphones

Best Mountain Headphones

To solve some doubts between the different types of headphones that exist, we recommend that you continue reading and clarify your ideas. The mountain is an environment that according to what sport we should respect and not underestimate. The latter you have to take into account and choose the headphones thinking about the activity you are going to do.

How to choose the best headphones for the mountain

Sports headphones are a perfect choice because they are designed against sweat and sudden movements without losing sound quality. There is research that has shown that music with the right melody can keep you longer in what you are doing. Therefore, whether to perform mountain sports or to run between trails, the right music will increase your concentration.

  • All you need is your mobile phone, your mountain equipment and prepare for the adventure with maximum musical motivation.
  • The key is in a perfect and comfortable setting, with sound performance good enough to keep you happy and motivated when you are about to push your limits.
  • After years of using headphones during races, visits to the gym and outdoor activities of all kinds, there is one essential characteristic: they can not consistently be falling apart. Standard non-sports headphones can work correctly if they are placed well in the ears and you do not drop them.
  • Presumably, some people sweat more than others, live in places where it rains in a torrential way at all times or is something particular when using a headset or other.

In this case, before buying any pair of headphones, you should take into account the different options available in the market and keep the headphones that best suit your needs. In addition, another critical feature that headphones should have when playing sports such as climbing is Bluetooth. Models like the Bose SoundSport wireless are perfect for this type of sports. On the one hand, they avoid getting entangled with the climbing ropes or harness, as they do not carry a cable and, on the other, they are very resistant to weather conditions.

Factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth headset

The traditional headphones of a lifetime offer a perfect audio connection without problems of battery life, but Bluetooth gives more freedom and eliminate the risk of pulling the cable by a sudden movement while you make climbing. Although you must carry a charger in case you run out of battery. If you are one of those who carries the phone in your pocket, it is strongly recommended that you use Bluetooth headphones to avoid snags with the cable. If, on the other hand, you have your mobile phone at arm’s length, you can choose wired headphones, although they are not suitable for mountain sports where you need a lot of mobility, you will almost certainly end up getting annoyed when you roll up or hook up with some part of your equipment.

Nowadays technology has improved a lot, and we can enjoy headphones via Bluetooth without any interference or cuts. These headphones stand out for an incredible sound quality that increases depending on your brand and price. You may see a disadvantage to have to be aware of if they have a battery, but if you think it is more annoying: have to charge your headphones or break the cable of your headphones without realizing it by a pull or tangle? I have the answer very clear, and I imagine that you too, you better have a battery to charge your headphones by a careless to pull them.

They are also suitable, to a greater or lesser extent, for cycling, CrossFit, any outdoor sport, and anything else you can do while listening to music.

The most advanced headphones for mountain sports

The technology and research in the world of headphones have focused on increasingly sophisticated devices to meet different needs. The latest in bone conduction headphones that leave the auditory canal free do not plug it like the ones we knew up to now in all its variants.

The significant advantage of not blocking the ear canal is that in addition to enjoying your favorite music, you can hear approaching cars and buses. In the case of mountain sports, you can listen to the whole environment around you, whether they are animals or your companions if you practice climbing, which is very useful in this type of outdoor sports.

They can do this thanks to the bone conduction technology, which transmits the sound through the bones to the inner ear. This means that you will not damage your ears because of excess volume since you do not block the ear canal at any time.

There are different types of headphones in the market of these characteristics and not all meet expectations. There is no doubt that they are not the typical cheap headphones of the Chinese, but their price is fully justified by the sound quality. It must be added that in addition to its class perfectly fulfill its purpose that allows you to listen to the sounds that surround you.

The design is something to take into account, since in addition to adapting perfectly to the contour of your ears, thanks to its light weight and comfort, you will forget that you wear them.

It is true that part of the quality of the sound is lost as a result of not covering the ear, and therefore, the music is not penetrating. Like other open-ear headphones, everyone can hear what you’re listening to.

The bone conduction headphones are connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth in a simple way and are waterproof, sweat-proof and dustproof.