5 Best Anti-theft Case Brands [Comparative]

Anti-theft Case Brands: What is the best brand of anti-theft covers? Today we make a comparison of the characteristics offered by the leading brands of anti-theft police covers so that you can make your choice under the maximum guarantees.

Anti-theft Case Brands

In previous articles, we have already talked about the benefits of hard Anti-theft covers, as well as the safety accessories of the weapon, detailing the levels of security that these cases offer. However, today we want to talk more in depth about this essential safety accessory for your gun, describing the characteristics and benefits of each of the brands that market this product. Take note!

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Which brand of anti-theft covers should you choose?

  1. Anti-theft Safariland: this American brand was created in 1964 and since then, has positioned itself as one of the leading brands in the tactical world in general, and in the development of anti-theft covers in particular. The reason for this is that Safariland is always looking for innovations that make its products safer and better for the security forces. An example of its excellent performance in anti-theft tactical cases is the Safariland 7390 model, which has the automatic locking system ASL that is activated when the weapon is holstered and that when operated with the thumb, expels the gun very naturally. Another option is the security arc Safariland SLS 6280, which is designed to hide the extraction level of the weapon so that it can only be uncovered by the wearer.
  2. BlackHawk Anti-theft covers: behind Safariland, another of the most prominent brands at the national level is BlackHawk, whose active retention system has allowed its anti-theft covers to be used by security forces from all over the world. For example, this Level II anti-theft case is created under the patented SERPA lock system (button format), which engages the guard when the weapon is sheathed and does not release it until it is unhooked. One of the benefits of this brand and that you can also find in its anti-theft level III is that they offer a rapid extraction of the weapon.
  3. Vega Anti-theft covers: created in 1992 in Italy, the Vega brand has created a range of anti-theft covers that stand out for their high quality and the consequent durability they offer. One of the main differences of this brand concerning the previous ones is that they are designed insanity, like this model, which provides double locking of anti-theft security, one of them adjustable. Also, in Vega have developed a complementary security accessory, which are these anti-theft cables that allow anchoring the weapon.
  4. IMI DEFENSE Anti-theft covers: although less known, this Israeli brand manufactures defense parts to improve the transport of weapons, as well as security in the process, thanks to a team of experts in the tactical world. This brand offers anti-theft police covers similar to those of BlackHawk, which are characterized by their durability and ergonomics. An example is this anti-theft III case, which has an internal pushbutton, for greater safety.
  5. SHOKE Anti-theft covers: after years of experience in the tactical world, Shoke Store has also designed our Anti-theft covers, in different forms: harnesses, interiors, leather … trying to offer the best value for money. You can see all our products here.

At Shoke Store we hope that this article will allow you to discover which are the best brands of anti-theft covers, with the different characteristics offered by each of them.